Sophie's cardigan

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The yoke and the sleeves. And the fact that I finished such a big item! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Do not rush!

What you will need

  • I used a 100% cotton yarn with a size 5 hook. Little wooden buttons

Q&A with Aimee-Rose

rmplant0765729 asked:
How do you get the pattern? What size did you make. I lover it
Aimee-Rose answered:
Hello! To be honest, I don't remember, sorry! But I made another for a friend's daughter - i think a size one, and it fit her well into her second year, and she is a big girl. The pattern is by http://email.sympoz.com/wf/click?upn=8KYqi-2BNIrqFmyPjCvS7rtiD2Ns-2FG1iS8VT4CegeeMqOgyWo1CMitlrWkgrr6zUXEaJ0Jn4ttZbNlphz-2FrwqadTau60Hb5SIQhDuHIlbetRogoIHQ3U2jYmrzKAL0qMmld-2BJJZ9Y2PhuAkhoijlNuPqQ14TASJ0pb7KYhtD9gAmJ5oY9T3OTac-2FZWgydhOmez_JGP9Sjo7boruQ7mL9uMJ5Nl53vc6FPp1Gdhh3K-2FA-2B8egNz-2B-2FBH5w3wALqpuvgXS9kgXNrflEcWndsq1Csp5-2FCt8drzFHEGlDQlx6XgRAo6xi6DgD6vK1STGqCPfB0-2B-2F6ti2C5wxG4oqJBFBFPMfj1uWTjiYunqDZZF9bjVWUd3T1l-2Bd-2BqakC4beth3K4CH4U-2BrqjzDTLP-2FKALA7wCUNPODD-2FJSWd1lwGcEC887b7SNdwaqLC9tD-2B9Su8Id16S0GA

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