Sleepy Doggie Amigurumi

Q&A with Ahmaymet

tammyd14 asked:
The sleepy dog is so adorable...He is the cutest little sleeping dog. Nieces and nephews would just get a kick out of this...good work....Want to see about getting this pattern for them. Can I?
Ahmaymet answered:
Thank you for very lovely comment :), And so sorry that i can't give this pattern for free. I think it would be unfair for many ppl that already bought this. Wish your understanding :)
NWFLDeaconsWife asked:
Could you at least post a link where the pattern could be bought? The link on here is "404 not found". :) Thanks!
Ahmaymet answered:
Hi, Thanks for report about the link, i changed it already :) or here >>> http://www.etsy.com/listing/74793471/sleepy-doggie-amigurumi-pattern-pdf?ref=pr_shop

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