Created by: Alicia-Arg


Q&A with Alicia-Arg

Jennifer Hansen asked:
Great way to explore the technique with a little project!!
Alicia-Arg answered:
Thanks Jennifer! Now I'm working on the colors, reviewing the lesson and then I will go for the multi-garment. Thank you very much for the wonderful course
angelaliliv asked:
Awesome and beautiful. Love the combinations. !!!!!!!
Alicia-Arg answered:
Thank you!!!
hopstep1228 asked:
Hi, this is a beautiful piece! Love the colors. Can you tell us the type of yarn you used and the colors? Thanks!
Alicia-Arg answered:
Hi! sorry for the delay. I used peruvian 100% pima cotton (dark purple, bright yellow, and light purple) and the other one is 50% cotton, 45% viscose, 5% polyester italian yarn