Scarf - Broomstick stitch

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I learned best on a worsted eight yarn - this yarn was too hard at first. Once I got the stitch using the worsted weight I was then able to use this yarn successfully. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Practice the stitch until you get it down. I used a mop handle as it was the width I wanted and it was not as dirty as my broom!! (I did try a very thick knitting needle but it was too hard to keep stable so I recommend you stick with something that has a long handle.)

What you will need

  • Cotton yarn - I used 3 skeins Size I crochet hook

Q&A with Marie Withrow

Zannah asked:
Wonderful, i had no idea that you really do use a broomstick.
Marie Withrow answered:
Thank you. I had no idea either and wonder who first figured this out !?
gisela622 asked:
beautiful, wow really broomstick?? will watch. since u from va, did u know there is a quilting show in hampton in february?
Marie Withrow answered:
No, will check it out, thank you!