Rockin' Croc Booties

Q&A with Sandie Jones

Bagabon asked:
These a the cutest..... love the colors too, Do they stay on good?
Sandie Jones answered:
Thanks! They stay on just fine... My daughter loves them! :)
maggie.kl2372354 asked:
Is the pattern written in various sizes for child? They do look fun!
Sandie Jones answered:
Yes, it is. They have instructions for babies (0-6 mos, 6-12 mos.), Children (S, M, L) and Adults (S, M, L). I'm making another pair right now! :)
nileshott0 asked:
could you email the pattern to me? Briflarida@gmail.com
Sandie Jones answered:
I would love to, but the pattern wasn't free. Here's the link to this pattern (on Craftsy): http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/other/crocodile-stitch-boots-trio/29646 If that doesn't work, either search "Crocodile Stitch Boots" here, or go to: http://bonitapatterns.com/products/crocodile-stitch-boots-adult Make sure to shop around! I got my pattern, 3 for $10!
StringLady asked:
What yarn did you use? They are adorable!
Sandie Jones answered:
Thank you! I used Loops & Thread's "Impeccable" (Worsted Weight) for this pair.

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