Created by: Tangled Llama


You Can Make This

Tangled Llama made Reindeer with:

Amigurumi: Woodland Animals

Online Class

Amigurumi: Woodland Animals

with Stacey Trock

Q&A with Tangled Llama

Fleurty asked:
OMG! Perfect.
Tangled Llama answered:
Aww thank you! I've just tied a red ribbon round him and wrapped him up, ready to give to my mum :o)
lesliewinchar asked:
Oh he is so cute!! Love it.
Tangled Llama answered:
Thank you! I'm glad you like him :o)
jbdolfin asked:
I might have to make this for my future niece or nephew next Christmas! So cute!
Tangled Llama answered:
Aww that would be wonderful! It makes a perfect Christmas gift :o)
Michelle Teresa asked:
I have only done my first animal so far - the bird - but I have already learned so much from this class. I learned to crochet years ago, but apparently the person who taught me wasnt the best, haha, as I was missing a few of the basics. This class is so easy to follow and fun and interesting at the same time! I already bought the Design Your Own Monster class to do when I am done with this one. One thing I would love to see, is your two books in Kindle format. I live in a small town in Mexico, and it can take months for books to arrive in the mail. Please add more class with more animals!
Tangled Llama answered:
Hi Michelle! It wasn't actually me who created this c, it might be worth sending a question to Stacey and ask her about adding more classes!
jimiknits asked:
Super cute!
Tangled Llama answered:
Thank you! :o)