Red, White, and Blue Tatted earrings

What you will need

  • Hand dyed 6 cord cotton thread size 20
  • Czech glass beads
  • seed beads
  • niobium earwires.
  • Other

Q&A with Marilee Rockley

MysticalCrystal Wishinski asked:
where can we buy the tatting yarn at im trying to find differnt colors also i would like to use the extra long needle i was shown not the shuttle needle, thank you :)
Marilee Rockley answered:
In the USA some good online shops are Handy Hands Tatting http://www.hhtatting.com/ or Be-stitched http://www.be-stitchedstore.com/ or Tatting Corner http://tattingcorner.com/
MysticalCrystal Wishinski asked:
Im in canada
Marilee Rockley answered:
Maybe one of the shops on this list for Canada? http://embroidery.about.com/od/Embroidery-Community/tp/Canada.htm