red and pink rose pens

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm very proud of all of my work. I like to match everything up and enjoy the finished product and the reactions I get from people.

What you will need

  • i used a h crochet hock yarn of your choice a pen green duct tape some hot glue

Q&A with petra_emilie_gisela

myna102 asked:
Hi where is the pattern, i like this rose
petra_emilie_gisela answered:
i crochet a rose,this is kind of hard to explain well u have to make a chain of 5 than close them so it looks like a circle than in that circle make 20 dc.after that you close it again with a chain on the end than you chain again 5 and crochet it in the 5 chain u do that till u have 4 link chains all around your circle. than in the 1st chain add 12 dc .do that with all 4 than the second row you do again 5 chain and put it in the bottom of your leaf and tie it and to it again 4 times than u have again 4 chains than add in each chain 10 dc and the 3 rd row again the same but only put in the chain 8 dc and that should be your rose