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Puppy Amigurumi toy

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022 Puppy Amigurumi Dog by Pertseva

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022 Puppy Amigurumi Dog by Pertseva

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  • Hook 1.5 mm Yarn - Light Fingering / 3 ply 1. Beige velour (or any not too fluffy) yarn - about 100 m (600 m/100 g) 2. White velour (or any not too fluffy) yarn - about 50 m (600 m/100 g) 3. Leftovers of black smooth yarn for the nose 4. Leftovers of any matching color smooth yarn for collar Two black beads (5-6 mm) for eyes Tiny pieces of felt or white leather for white of the eyes (you can crochet them) 30 cm of copper or aluminium wire
  • 1-1
  • 5 mm Stuffing: hollofiber or padding polyester Tapestry needle for tightening Strong thread for tightening (dental floss

Q&A with LittleOwlsHut

Heathersharmony asked:
Pattern coming? :)
LittleOwlsHut answered:
Yes, pattern is coming soon. I hope this month.
2angelboys asked:
Can't wait for this puppy pattern to be available. Already finished the kitty one. They are so cute. Will be waiting for the Cat "Heart" one too. Kate, I have a little suggestion. Can you post what's needed to do the pattern, that way I can have an idea as to what is needed and have everything gathered before it comes out. That would be helpful. This would also help for any upcoming pattens. Thanks and this is just a suggention. :)
LittleOwlsHut answered:
Everything you need is listed under "Materials" above. The only thing it is in strange format - plain text with no numbers ;-(
Joysaphine asked:
when is this one going on sale? I have all the others.
LittleOwlsHut answered:
At the end of February ;-)
LesleyR asked:
I love the puppy! You are so talented! I would love to win this pattern; I've never won anything.
LittleOwlsHut answered:
I have never won anything too ;-) Hope luck will be on our side this lucky year 2013 ;-)
peanutsings asked:
Kate, you are a dynamic designer of sophisticated animals who, in my opinion, will reach the pinnacle of other yarn artists such as Alan Dart and Hammigurumi. You are one to watch now and in the future. You definitely are using your talents in the best way. Looking forward to a book from you.
LittleOwlsHut answered:
We are a group of designers from Russia (4 now) under "Little Owl's Hut" company. This one was designed by Svetlana Pertseva and translated to English by me. ;-)

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