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sarkandaila made Pascal with:

Chameleon Sidekick

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Chameleon Sidekick

  • 4ply crochet cotton

Q&A with sarkandaila

Sarah Horrocks asked:
He looks great! You've done a really great job and your stitches look perfect (haha, only a fellow crocheter can appreciate such a compliment!). The ridge on the head looks fine! The reason mine sits higher is because I only stitch one edge to the top- does that make sense? It doesn't matter though- he looks awesome! :)
sarkandaila answered:
Thank you :) I thought yours was only stitched on the one side but my piece naturally curled together so when I tried it, it kind of looked like a cow lick! May be because I have crochet tightly. I'm very happy with him and all who have seen him think he is adorable :)

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