Ocean Blue Necklace & Earrings

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? At first I had a hard time getting the thread to do the "flip". But I refused to give up - like a dog with a bone - and I finally got it! I've been wanting to learn this craft for many years. Perseverance really pays!!!

What you will need

  • Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread size 10
  • tatting shuttle
  • pearl beads
  • Other

Q&A with sewnsew

LadyPunzel asked:
Wow, beautiful set!
sewnsew answered:
Thank you!!
jbhorsetech asked:
Very nice and love that you honor your Aunt with these! I think of my gramma every time I crochet and now when I tat. I miss her but very great full that I was able to learn different crafts from her. Sewing and crochet to name a few?
sewnsew answered:
Isn't it wonderful that folks like my Aunt & your gramma pass down wonderful crafts to us? I'm intentionally working to be part of that legacy by passing on the things I've learned to my children/grandchildren too. Crafts like these need to be handed-down because they beautify our world, help us appreciate the finer things of life and inspire us to be like our Creator!
Just Kaki asked:
sewnsew answered:
Thank you!!
G-mama Jane asked:
I love your adaptation of the Rhapsody Necklace by adding the Floret Earrings (upside down) in the upper center. How in the world did you attach the earring to the upper part of the large pearl when the pearl is attached with a horizontal long picot in the center. There is no hole in the very top of the pearl. You stumped me here. Can you explain what you did? I really love your design embellishment. Very creative!
sewnsew answered:
Thank you G-mama Jane for your kind compliments. I hand-sewed the earring piece to the necklace piece with a single strand of matching thread and wove the ends of the thread into the tatting.
G-mama Jane asked:
Thank you sewnsew for your reply. If you are brand new to tatting like I am, you have certainly made some lovely projects and have gotten quite creative. I can tell that you have become addicted to it like I have. I am having so much fun making future gifts for my family members. Keep up the good work!
sewnsew answered:
I am mesmerized by tatting! I love seeing how a bunch of knots (something usually associated with a messy problem) can be transformed into a beautiful work of art!! I am addicted to it! I love making gifts too! Did you see the photo of the candle mat I posted? It's nice to share this love with you, G-mama Jane!!