Necklace and Earrings

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susanknit947337 made Necklace and Earrings with:

Shuttle Tatting

Online Class

Shuttle Tatting

with Marilee Rockley

  • Lisbeth Tatting Thread Size 10

Q&A with susanknit947337

stepmom6163705 asked:
I love it and know my daughter would too. Would you be willing to share your pattern?
susanknit947337 answered:
Thanks, the pattern is part of the course materials for Marilee Rockley's Craftsy Tatting Class.
Alexi17 asked:
I had to sign in to state that this is NOT it is tatting! I have a whole pile of very tiny 2" snowflakes/stars that I was going to starch for tree decorations. But I moved and it got packed away. It was fun to make but my eyes became very bad working with this "thread" Nice set!
susanknit947337 answered:
Thanks for the compliment! I know it's not crochet, but thought I had to pick crochet because that is the catagory that the class shows up in. Next time I'll choose other.:-)
FourEyedLady asked:
Will you be posting a video on how to do this for ourselves?
susanknit947337 answered:
Not necessary. This is a project from the Craftsy Tatting Class with Marilee Rockley.

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