Morgan's Newborn

You Can Make This

Lafayette made Morgan's Newborn with:

Crochet: Beyond Rectangles

Online Class

Crochet: Beyond Rectangles

with Linda Permann

  • Cotton Supreme Universal Yarn Inc Crochet F
  • Two Animal Buttons

Q&A with Lafayette

Linda Permann asked:
Awww, cute button alert! I must know, are they horses, giraffes....? I love this color combo. Just bought a bunch of grey, yellow and pink fabric to make a little quilt in a similar palette.
Lafayette answered:
HI Linda - Thanks for the wonderful response. I was trying to guess on the buttons myself. They look like horses with strips or short giraffs. I've had them in my button stash for sometime. It was a fun Crochet project. I really enjoyed the Craftsy course.
photofusi1270053 asked:
do you have a pattern for this?
Lafayette answered:
No, I do not have a pattern for this. It is one of Craftsy's Crochet Courses by Lina Permann.