Q&A with Becky T

difair asked:
These are so bright and wonderful -You have a wonderful sense of color and design!
Becky T answered:
thank you! they are fun to make. a friend asked me to make 8 sets of 2 each set. it's been fun thinking of new colors and designs. I'm on the last one! whew. :O)
Stefanie Japel asked:
These are so beautiful! I love how colorful they are.
Becky T answered:
thank you so much!
susan.j.b141173 asked:
Again - everything that I look at - I would love tomake - but am not finding any patterns available to make these ourselves?
Becky T answered:
I'm thrilled that you like them! I don't have a patteren but I will try to get it written down and send it to you. They are really quite simple. I've been using them myself for quite a while and love them.