Created by: bryantbea678356

Monkey Hats for my babies

You Can Make This

bryantbea678356 made Monkey Hats for my babies with:

  • Vannas Choice yarn

Q&A with bryantbea678356

lefluer asked:
The hat is so cute. I love it. I have sock monkeys on my Gradchildrens beds at my house. I tell them they are so excited to see them they party all night before they get there and I can't sleep.
bryantbea678356 answered:
I crochet'd hats for all the kids, the sock Monkey was their favorites! Gotta love those Grandbabies!
tamieperson asked:
is there a pattern for this?
bryantbea678356 answered:
Yes there is, I will have to ask my twin sister for one, I dont use patterns, I just follow her lead, but I will get one for you!