Minion Snuggle Sack Cocoon & Hat

What you will need

  • Worsted Weight Yarn

Q&A with Crochet By Kay

donna52157148181 asked:
where can i get the pattern
Crochet By Kay answered:
Glad you like it Donna. I did not use a pattern, this is my own personal creation.
Marijana Milton asked:
Kay, I am looking for this pattern and can not find anything. I'm very new to the crochet world. My niece is having a baby and I would love to crochet this Minion cocoon care to share? Would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you.
Crochet By Kay answered:
Glad you like it Marijana, but as listed in the comments above, this was my own personal creation, I did not use a pattern.
Marijana Milton asked:
:-( I saw that! I was hoping you did write it down. It looks awesome. I don't think I'm ready to create my own designs . Thank you for responding . :-D
Crochet By Kay answered:
You're welcome Marijana. Here is a link to some free cocoon patterns. Perhaps you will like one of them, or can use one and simply change the colors to Minion colors. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#page=1&sort=date&query=crochet%20cocoon%20free&view=captioned_thumbs