Miniature Thread Crochet Bear "Kozmo"

You Can Make This

TheTinyToyBox made Miniature Thread Crochet Bear "Kozmo" with:

  • acrylic punch thread
  • cotton thread
  • stuffing

Q&A with TheTinyToyBox

wimwim asked:
This little bear is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Fabulous work. Can your patterns be made and sold?
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Thanks so much for peeking! Yes, I support arttists who purchase my patterns in the selling of their creations. The patterns may not be resold, but the creations most certainly ;0)
scraplady asked:
Oh my goodness this little guy is precious! I would love to buy the pattern as well.
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Thank you Beary much! :0)
MomGrandma asked:
Your creations are so endearing.
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Thank you for peeking! :0)