Mini Thread Crochet Giraffe

What you will need

  • punch thread
  • cotton thread
  • beads
  • ribbon
  • artist pencils
  • stuffing
  • crochet hook
  • fabric

Q&A with TheTinyToyBox

createsfa6383396 asked:
I love this little guy!is there a pattern for him available?
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Hi! Thanks so much for peeking! The pattern for this one is not available :0( Thanks !
mandyb asked:
just going to ask the same thing ?
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Thanks for peeking!
beckywlms636246 asked:
Would love ot know what yarn you use
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Hi~ It's acrylic punch thread. Pretty Punch Brand~'s a secret! :0)
beckywlms636246 asked:
also I was wondering how difficult these are to make. I wan't to make some for a charity.
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Ehhh...They can be incredibly timely but relatively easy. Only basic stitches are required. You wouldn't know it but 12+ hours can go into each one!