Mini Thread Crochet Bear & Easter Egg

You Can Make This

TheTinyToyBox made Mini Thread Crochet Bear & Easter Egg with:

  • cotton thread
  • acrylic punch thread
  • 1.30 mm hook

Q&A with TheTinyToyBox

JTHyatt asked:
I love him!
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Thank u for peeking! :0)
Haileys grammy asked:
Love, love , love them. Wish I could afford to buy every one of them.
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Thanks so Beary Much! :0)
ramirez.e1322427 asked:
He is soooo cute!!! Your work is just amazing! By the way where do you buy your punch thread, because I've tried buying some buy can't find a place that sells it.
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Hi~ Try Ebay & Etsy for some great lots! You can usually find some previously owned threads for a great price :0)
fingersjo asked:
Love these tiny little creatures, I want to try to make them so bad. Soon I hope
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Thank you for peeking! :0)
mandyb asked:
where can i buy the pattern ? thanks mandy
TheTinyToyBox answered:
Hi Mandy~ I don't have a pattern available for this one. Thanks for peeking!

Get your first class for only $14.99

Get your first class for only $14.99