Make Flawless Borders

Q&A with Edie Eckman

ana.zanar9385998 asked:
Hola, que lindo. Te felicito!!!
Edie Eckman answered:
EBraun15978970 asked:
Edie, I like the yarn colors, you used on this swatch. What brand of yarn did you use? names for colors used? what size hook did you use, on your granny squares?
Edie Eckman answered:
I'm not sure which swatch you mean. Most of the swatches in the class used either Brown Sheep Naturespun or Cascade 220, both worsted weight wools.
dorothyde9763135 asked:
How do we get started ?
Edie Eckman answered:
Watch the lessons, starting with Lesson 1.