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Joining Crochet Motifs

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Joining Crochet Motifs

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Joining Crochet Motifs

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Q&A with Edie Eckman

Linda Bill Knox asked:
How do you start a granny square?
Edie Eckman answered:
Usually granny squares start with a ch-4 ring. I show you how in the first lesson of Joining Crochet Motifs.
tina-499943001 asked:
i love crocheting for friend an family too
Edie Eckman answered:
Please join us in Joining Crochet Motifs; you'll learn lots of new techniques.
k.baesler3150503 asked:
Do,you help me make the granny square step by step before you put them together
Edie Eckman answered:
I'm not sure if I understand your question; we don't work every square together step-by-step, because the class is more about joining the motifs than about how to make a granny square. However, I do offer tips for making them. Have you watched the lessons?