Granny Square Dresses

Project Description

Name of Pattern Found in an old pattern book from the 70s What was your inspiration? I wanted to make a dress for our granddaughter's with yarn but wasn't confident in my knitting skills yet so I found an old pattern book of crocheted baby things and decided to make these. I designed the hats because there was enough yarn to do so.

What you will need

  • Baby yarn

Q&A with Nana Jo 54

6bears asked:
Could I get this pattern somewhere?gumby@roadrunner.com
Nana Jo 54 answered:
I found it in a booklet from Columbia-Minerva titled Crochets for babies, infants and toddlers. It is book 778 and was out in the 70's. If you cannot find it, I could photocopy it and e-mail it to you.
bee3105 asked:
My apologies, I forgot to say, please may I have a copy. :)
Nana Jo 54 answered:
I have added a photo of the instructions. If you can't get it big enough to read, let me know your email address and I can send it to you.
DeGramma asked:
OMG.........too adorable! These are wonderful (both the girls and their dresses) <3
Nana Jo 54 answered:
Thank you.