Giraffe Crochet Amigurumi

What you will need

  • Steel crochet hook 1
  • 25 mm Yarn (you can use any color you like) Main color (blue) - Any 1-Super Fine type yarn 250 m (273 yards)
  • Second color (pink) - Any 1-Super Fine type yarn 125 m (136 yards)
  • and small amount of white for eyes and red for the scarf. Needle (long). Stitch marker. Approximately 200 cm (2.2 yards) of Single core copper PVC electrical wire 3 mm diameter in total (preferably white color to make sure it is not visible behind a stuffing). Polyester fiberfill. 2 small black beads for eyes. Weights for hooves (Polypropylene Filling Beads)

Q&A with LittleOwlsHut

VicMansfield asked:
these guys make me want to learn how to crochet! of all the animals I've seen on here, I think these guys have the most character! Love them :)
LittleOwlsHut answered:
I'm glad you like our animals;-)
L-Plates Intact asked:
Hi, I'm very new to Craftsy so I haven't looked around the site much, but I found your brilliant giraffe! WOW! amazing! your so clever.....I hope to improve my self and be able to make this kind of quirky but gorgeous items. Thank you for your inspiration.
LittleOwlsHut answered:
I'm glad Giraffe can inspire someone to improve crochet skills!
Marie-helene Desmarais asked:
Just plain adorable! I just learned how to crochet and being a artist in other mediums crochet did not seem inspiring to me at first and then I saw what you do! So inspiring and proves that you can do just about anything with it! I love it,keep up the awesome work :)
LittleOwlsHut answered:
Thank you Marie for your kind words. It is nice to hear we can inspire someone to learn how to crochet ;-) Would love to see your finished toys. Happy crocheting!

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