Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have plenty of patience. It is all single crochet.

Q&A with Ms Sheila

Al asked:
How Cool!! Could you help me do an "Alexis" baby blanket Ms. Ross?
Ms Sheila answered:
Sure can!!! I do my personalized or Afghans with wording in single. I usually do the wording sideways!! I would suggest that u do Alexis in all Caps and carry the yarn!!
Al asked:
So Cool, Thank you
Ms Sheila answered:
No problem. Are you on Facebook?
PatsyB asked:
Where can I get this Pattern. It is too cool! I have a Cowboy Fan (son) would be a great gift.
Ms Sheila answered:
Thanks Ms. Patsy!! This is a pattern that I created. It is all single and the wording is worked sideways. I found a graph of the star on-line and enlarged it.
joaniemom asked:
Omg I love it where is pattern
Ms Sheila answered:
Thanks. I created the pattern myself. It is all single with the wording worked sideways.
Celia Valdez asked:
Ms. Sheila, You just made a very ill grandmama recovering from a hard stroke, I just happened to show her the Dallas Afghan and she smiled, and gave you a thumbs up, she looked right at me and then at you, and I know that look. So, this is an awesome project for me I haven't seen my 6 brothers, and when I do I must have this blanket to tease them with. What do you mean by sewing the words sideways? And, what is the name of the site where you get the graph from? I've been wanting to make them Dallas Cowboy slippers as well. Your my favorite teacher.
Ms Sheila answered:
Thanks so much for the compliment