Crochet patchwork check blanket

Project Description

What was your inspiration? So many patchwork designs are easily converted to crochet. These blocks are 10" (25 cm). With only 5 blocks made, I'm already starting to thing about embellishment. Construction - simple offset squares. Black centre - 4 x 3 tr (US dc), 1 ch into ch ring. Main body - I worked 5 tr across one side of centre (1 iinto cnr ch, 1 into 3 on side, 1 into cnr ch), turn, work 1 tr into each. Then turn to work across those sts then across another side in the same way - NOTE where trs lay horizontally, work once into the body of the st, then into the same place that st is worked. Work in tr across and back, then turning to work 2 rows on the other side until you have worked 6 rows on two sides. Change colour for the last 2 rows per side. Make 4 matching squares. TO JOIN into a block - I joined white at a corner st to the right of the black centre. Work tr across that side. Turn your work AROUND to the right so that the st just worked is at the top right corner, 2 ch. Work tr across the second side. You can break off there if desired and work the others the same, but I just picked up the next square and worked tr across starting so that the black centre is at top left corner. This gives you a string of 4 joined at opposite corners. Lay the squares so the black centres come together (watch out for twisting) and sl st to the first tr of the first square. The centre seams can be sewed. I continued this way - fold square in half, pull up a loose loop, sl st to 2nd tr from corner on the back square, then do the same on the front square. Repeat to centre with last worked picking up a loop from each corner st and draw through. Turn work and fold in half in the other direction so you've turned the corner and work the same. Break off. Join and work the same for the remaining 2 seams.

What you will need

  • 8 ply acrylic yarn

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