Created by: jennpuit

crochet baby blanket

Name of Pattern zigzag

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jennpuit made crochet baby blanket with:

  • redhart yarn. hunter green
  • sage
  • mellon green

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Name of Pattern zigzag

Q&A with jennpuit

hobson503164435 asked:
I lost my crochet patterns and have been trying to find a ripple ...would you share your instructions since I should remember from my memory since I've made a number of ripples but alas not as young as I once was...
jennpuit answered:
well, i only know it from when i was a kid and my neighbor taught me by visual aid. but i can explain it my best if ya like.. and i dont remember the name of the stitches. BUT you count them by tens and on the 11th you stitch it three time and that makes the upper ripple. and then count again 9 stitches and on the tenth you catch three loops and gather then to make lower ripple. keep this going over and over.

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