Cozy Warm Brimmed Winter Hat

Project Description

What are you most proud of? These were made for a family that was welcoming a new baby. The bigger ones are the "big sister gifts" but they did not know if the little one would be a boy or a girl. You can probably tell from this picture the littlest one is a girl too. I also had a cute little brown bear head applique that I could have substituted for the flower if the youngest had been a boy. Also the band and flower on the bigger hats are held on with the buttons so they could also be made with interchangeable colors. The button color is slightly different to quickly figure out which hat belongs to which girl since they are close to the same size. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Here is the pattern: http://vallieskids.blogspot.com/2010/04/quickly-brimmed.html The strap and flower on the bigger hats are attached with the buttons so they can be easily changed for color or taken off. The slightly different color buttons on the hats are to help the girls identify their own (they are slightly different sizes). Everything on the infant hat is securely attached (no choking hazards). The flower is made with sparkly worsted weight yarn. The tutorial is here. (I stopped after the first two layers of this flower to keep it the size I wanted.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6unzzm3_xG8

What you will need

  • Lion Brand Homespun. Color: Rococo. I chose this because it is very soft and since these hats are for kids I also felt it was important that they be easily washable.
  • US H-8/5.00mm/UK 6

Q&A with Typical Cheryl

Kogator asked:
Were you able to complete these hats after just the Crochet Lab course, or did you have more experience before you were able to do them?
Typical Cheryl answered:
Hi Kogator. I never held a crochet hook until I took this class just a couple of months ago. In fact I was so excited that I could do it that I only got as far as the techie cozy before I just started making many other things. I have a lot more projects to post too. If you are not signed up for the class I highly recommend it. Vickie is a fun and interesting teacher. She makes it so easy to learn!
Viollant Duazo asked:
I love crocheting so much!
Typical Cheryl answered:
:) Me too!
RebeccaMae asked:
These hats are so cute!!! I am hopeful that once I complete the class I will be able to create something similar! THANK YOU for the inspiration!! Rebecca
Typical Cheryl answered:
Thanks Rebecca! These are made with just chains, single crochet and double crochet. You will definitely be able to make something similar after this class! The links to the free patterns are in my "advice" section. Glad you found my projects inspiring! Thanks for the compliment!
storybookfibers asked:
really cute !
Typical Cheryl answered:
Thank you!
awilson2646070 asked:
What a great inspiration for all of us taking Vickie's course! I am looking forward to trying something - thanks for posting your beautiful work.
Typical Cheryl answered:
Thank your for your kind and thoughtful comments. You will love Vickie's course! Have fun... And just a warning I have a hard time putting my hooks down! :)