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Joining Crochet Motifs

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Joining Crochet Motifs

with Edie Eckman

Q&A with Ladymax

Davesmom asked:
Something new for my quilter friend!! Nice colors!! Are you having fun?
Ladymax answered:
I am having fun. I have been a crocheter for 60 years and a quilter for 3 years. I love both, but cannot crochet as much as I would like.
Davesmom asked:
section A is my favorite one of your lot.
Ladymax answered:
Many thanks. Each time i do another section, I think that is my favourite.
NanaJeanFL asked:
Nice work Ladymax! I love to crochet too but seldom do it anymore unless its a baby blanket to gift.
Ladymax answered:
Many thanks. I need to find time to learn more about my camera as my photos are going out of focus.
Edie Eckman asked:
So you prefer the seams to JAYGo?
Ladymax answered:
No, JayGo wins. It really is terrific and very easy once you get the hang of it.