Clematis - my own design

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Managing to make it look like a clematis, even though most of that was in the sewing together, it was kind of floppy when I finished the tatting which was not great. Going to try and rejig the pattern so it requires less sewing together to make it look all right.

What you will need

  • Flora size ten deep red
  • lizbeth size ten pale yellow

Q&A with flootzavut

Marilee Rockley asked:
Pretty! I think it does look like a Clematis.
flootzavut answered:
I was pleased with how it came out in the end! I'd like to create a version that came out looking the same, but didn't require me to sew all the petals in place to make it look okay ;) I think I have an idea how to revise it, though, and where I went wrong with the tatting bit. It's really fun figuring out how to represent different flowers and things in tatting :) Pleased to say that the recipient was surprised and delighted, so that's the main thing :D