chocker scarf with pearl beads

Project Description

What are you most proud of? the fact that I ended up using leftover yarn to make cords that there wasn't supposed to be used for anything but practicing and turned out to be something I hadn't imagined in the first place was really surprising What advice would you give someone starting this project? 1. you will need to make up your mind on how many cords it will take to cover your neck - make first a "trial cord" to see how thick it gets and how it folds (you'll attach it as a fringe to the chocker) - that will also help you figure out how many chains you'll need to make the gaps in which you'll attach the cords 2. I used the cords I made for practicing and they didn't have the same length (not that it stopped me obviously) - if you like you can make them even, or play with different weights of yarn 3. the chocker is a simple flat band made with dc with spaces (chains) for the cords - you can make it as thin or thick as you want, and in the desired length 4. the pearl beads were kind of a last thing, so I just threaded them into the cords - that will probably work with a number of bead-like embellishments, but you could incorporate the beads into the cords if you like 5. make sure you don't measure the chocker too loosely if you're using a yarn that will "give way" when wearing - to be on the safe side use buttons small enough to fit the dcs (but large enough so it won't unbutton) and sew two or three in a row - also make an efford to crochet tightly

What you will need

  • medium weight yarn

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