Cat Siam

What you will need

  • Yarn - 2 threads: 1st thread (Lace / 2 ply) white Kid mohair (250 m/275 yards x 25 g/0.9 ounces) you need - 100 m (110 yards); 2nd thread (Cobweb / 1 ply) white thin wool or wool mixture (400 m/440 yards - 25 g/0.9 ounces) you need - 100 m (110 yards); You can use 2 threads of Kid mohair if you dont have (Cobweb / 1 ply) white thin wool. If you dont want to use two threads you can use yarn that is 450 m/500 yards per 100 g/3.5 ounces thickness (Fingering / 4 ply) Hook 1.1 mm or 1.25 mm Marbles with one flat side (you can find them in pet shops as ground for aquarium) - 2 pieces
  • diameter 12-14 mm. Heavy round thing such as pebbles
  • about 4 cm in diameter
  • to weight the base. (you can use marbles). 20 cm (8 inches) of 2 mm diameter copper wire or 1 mm diameter steel wire. 60 cm (34 inches) of fishing line for whiskers. Stuffing: holofiber or padding polyester. Tapestry needle for tightenings. Plaster adhesive-backed fabric tape. Black bead for the nose 5-6 mm. Black acrylic paint for fabric for tinting (optional). Brush for combing (optional) or Velcro. Superglue (preferably gel).

Q&A with LittleOwlsHut

Hunter W asked:
Too too too cute!!! I am adopting them, ok?!...Smiles.
LittleOwlsHut answered:
Please do ;-))))

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