Burnt Sienna Crochet Slouch Beanie

Project Description

What was your inspiration? The world now-a-days is BUSY BUSY BUSY. Everyone seems to be in their own little "bubble", set on one path, not to be disturbed. When is the last time you took a second to look up from the path you are on and make eye contact with a stranger? Held the door open for someone you do not know? Started up a casual conversation with a random person at the mall? A simple smile, wave, or high five can make someone's day. Our goal is to make people stop, and think for a moment, and take that second to share a special moment with a stranger. This line is meant to show the ELE. Every time you wear one of our products, take a look in the mirror and think "Everybody Love Everybody" and carry that attitude with you, and spread the word to others. EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY ♥ Owner/Creator: Danielle Seevers everybodyloveverybody123@yahoo.com http://everybody-love-everybody-ele.tumblr.com/ www.danielleseevers.tumblr.com www.etsy.com/shop/danielleseevers

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