Bigger Birds!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I wanted to find stitch counts to make the birds bigger with the same thread, to give myself more options. I've also been experimenting with ways to make the join between head and body more sturdy. I'm pretty pleased with the results. I like knowing that I can tat two different sized but similarly proportioned birds in the exact same size thread. The green and purple/orange birds are both tatted in size 20 thread. The three birds that are mostly purple are all in size 10 thread. I've been using odds and ends of thread as the pattern doesn't use very much, so I may experiment when I have more ends with even larger versions too. I also made a smaller version in size 10 thread which is in a separate photo compared to the original and the biggest bird. He has one big difference which is that his wings are only three picots, not five.

What you will need

  • Lizbeth size 10 and 20 thread
  • seashells
  • Scottish thistle
  • 122 (can't remember the name!)
  • Western sunset
  • light mocha brown.

Q&A with flootzavut

Marilee Rockley asked:
Your hummingbird's are fabulous! I wish that Heather Johnston's book, "Tatted Earrings & Things" was still in print, because she had a good hummingbird pattern in there. But, I found a picture of her hummingbird http://www.pinterest.com/pin/102527328989056956/ just in case you'd enjoy seeing it. Another, very detailed hummingbird pattern by Kathy Lowe can be seen here: http://web.archive.org/web/20030202121519/http://home.pacbell.net/jlowe2/kathy/humpat.html
flootzavut answered:
I now have Heather's page bookmarked just in case she ever starts selling PDFs again! I like hers especially, it's so cute. Thanks :D I am having so much fun with these little birds, they're turning out to be a really good way to use up ends of thread :D