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Use Short Rows to Shape Your Circular Knitting

By Sarah Johnson
Short Row Shaping for Circular KnittingShort row shaping is how we account for human curves when we’re making a garment. It’s one thing to work short rows when knitting flat. But as we know, most things are a little different when working in the round. Read more »

Bohus Knitting: The Story of its Start

By Ashley Little
Bohus KnittingBohus Knitting financially rescued struggling families in 1930s Sweden, making its complex patterns even more admirable. Find out about its origins and download some of these beautiful colorwork patterns. Read more »

How to Substitute Yarn

By Ashley Little
How to substitute yarnIt’s not just a beginner’s mistake. We’ve all had yarn substitution fails. Here are a few tips to make your next yarn substitution a success. Read more »

Broomstick Crochet Bracelet Patterns

By Ashley Little
Broomstick Crochet BraceletLast week, I showed you how to crochet your own broomstick lace. You’re probably in love with the look, but if you’re like me, you don’t know exactly what to make with it. Get ready to accessorize with these broomstick crochet bracelet patterns! Read more »

Tips for Unfussy Stranded Knitting

By Ashley Little
Stranded Knitting TipsLike most knitters, I learned the tricks to stranded knitting the hard way. Many sweaters were knitted and ripped out, knitted and ripped out, until I figured out my own strategies for perfecting it. And actually, I still don’t feel that I’ve perfected it! Are you ready to try stranded knitting? Get tips from these experts to avoid a few common beginner mistakes. Read more »

Free Pattern Friday: Free Patterns for You!

By Craftsy
Free PatternsLet's celebrate the end of another amazing week with a new roundup of beautiful free patterns! Check out the beautiful selection this week including: a gorgeous large shawl, to cheerful coasters, a recipe box, and more. Just download the ones you like and have a great weekend! Read more »

Have You Heard About the German Knitting Technique?

By Sarah Johnson
German KnittingAfter learning about all the different knitting techniques used throughout the world (like the Russian knitting technique, the Japanese knitting technique, and the Armenian knitting technique) are you beginning to be a little confused, wondering just how many ways there could possibly be to hold your yarn and work a knit stitch? Well, let’s take the confusion out of one of them: German knitting. Read more »