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Free Pattern Friday: Quilts, Knits, Jewelry & More

By Karen Kelty
Free Quilting PatternTGIF! Let's once again celebrate the end of a great week with another roundup of fabulous free patterns created by talented independent designers from around the world! From a summery knit top to a cute crocheted headband, a bold beaded necklace, and more, download your favorite patterns now! Read more »

From Needles to Hook: A Beginning Crochet Tutorial

By Andrea Sanchez
Crochet TutorialFor those of you who are nervous to try a new craft or think perhaps crochet is extremely difficult, I'm here today to tell you that you can do it and also to share with you a step-by-step tutorial on a few of the most basic crochet stitches. Open up your crocheting to new possibilities! Read more »

Cuteness Overload: 12 Pet-Inspired Projects That Will Make You Smile

By Craftsy
Your pets deserve the best! So why not create a handmade gift especially for them or a project inspired by the joy they bring you every day? Discover 12 cute ideas for crafts you can create based on your love for your pet. Then, show off your handmade pet projects by joining the #PetProjects Contest! Learn how here. Read more »

Decrease It Twice with the Double Decrease

By Ashley Little
Knitting Double DecreaseSome decreases are a little more complicated than just knitting two together. Double decreasing may sound fancy, but it’s just a combination of skills you probably already have like knitting, slipping stitches, and passing slipped stitches over. And if you don’t have those skills, it’s easy enough to learn them. Discover three different double decreases to slant your knitting left, right, and straight down the center. Read more »

Christmas in July: 10 Holiday Crafts to Get a Jump Start On

By Karen Kelty
Christmas Home CraftsBy now, you've likely realized that we're only six months away from the most wonderful time of the year! That means it's the perfect time to create a handmade gift for the upcoming holiday season. We've already talked about Christmas in July home decor patterns and Christmas in July quilting patterns, but today we dive into 10 more wonderful ideas for all sorts of crafts, from knits to felts, inspired by the winter holidays. Read more »

Free Pattern Friday: Quilting, Sewing, Knitting & More

By Craftsy
Free Sewing PatternJoin us in celebrating the end of another wonderful week. Get ready to have a creative weekend with this fresh roundup of free patterns created by independent designers around the world! From a breezy summer knit tee, to a cut cat handbag, to a creative colorful cross-stitch, and more, download the free patterns you like now! Read more »

How to Join Granny Squares

By Andrea Sanchez
Joined Granny SquaresThere's nothing better than using up odds and ends of yarn with crocheted granny squares. Along with the many possibilities in color combinations and arrangements, you can make almost anything out of granny squares. There are several ways to join them together. Here, I will cover two joining methods. Read more »
Honey Bag Crochet Pattern

Quick Crochet Projects

By Ashley Little

When we shared some one-day knitting projects a few weeks ago, crocheters felt a little left out. Not to worry! We heard you, so we’re bringing you some fast crochet projects to add to your to-make list. Grab your hook and yarn for these beautiful quick crochet projects that can be completed in just a few hours -- or less if you’re a real pro!

Read more »

Duplicate Stitch Knitting Tutorial: Embellish with Hearts & More

By Lisa Gutierrez
Duplicate Stitch KnittingDiscover the duplicate stitch: an embellishing technique for adding small bursts of color to your work, for example maybe you want to add a heart, some initials, or other small personalization to your latest project. This stitch is especially helpful when you finish and you find yourself wishing for just a little more detail. Yes! You can add it after you have finished your project. Learn how! Read more »