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Breaking News: Crochet Proven To Be Totally Addictive

My first Granny Squares…not bad for a first – timer!

What do you think?

I’m a diehard knitter and have been for decades, so, despite a slight bit of concern at damaging my knit cred (wink) I’m just going to say it.  I love to crochet.  And I finally *get it.*

I now see exactly why crochet is so addictive.  It’s really fun to watch the squares grow round after round.  And they grow *quickly!*  I’ve been working with my KnitPicks Biggo and I’ll show you my progress with that next week.  I’m working on a bigger, wearable project in that while *also* obsessively creating cute little granny squares with this finer Malabrigo Worsted (color 226 Melilla) and an H hook that I bought at Fancy Tiger Crafts (my local yarn and fabric shop.)

Do any of you crocheters out there have more than one project going at the same time?  I keep finding things I want to make:

I think that my little girls would look so darling in a hat like this (and they’d love the color!):

I’m anxiously awaiting big-chunky-scarf season, and can’t wait to get this finished (I just got the pattern!):

I also can’t *wait* until I have the skills to work on one of Lianka Azulay’s crocodile stitch patterns, like this shawl (A girl can dream, right?):

Anyway, Vickie Howell’s online Crochet Lab class is fun, high-energy, and taught me how to work the basic stitches and how to do the Granny Square.

Next, I’m on to Linda Permann’s Beyond Rectangles to really learn how to put these stitches to use in garments. If you’d like to learn along with me, you can sign up for Beyond Rectangles now for just $29.99! (If you don’t see the sale price, clear your browser’s cache and hit refresh.)

I really enjoyed reading all of your crochet stories!

This week, tell me what projects you’re working on & keep me inspired to stick with it! 🙂



I took Linda’s class and it was FABULOUS – just in case anyone is still trying to decide! I learned a lot and I absolutely love crochet now! (I’m a knitter as well)

Sparkle and Co

I’m working on my own project… I’ve just started. But it’s knitted. The crocodile stitch pattern is great but it seems a little difficult, no?

Stefanie Japel

It *does* look difficult! I’m hoping to learn enough to try it!


A large granny square afghan has been sitting in my crochet bag for a (very) long time. It’s the same idea as making small squares and attaching them, but in this case it’s just one continuous square. I really only crochet in the cold months so I hope to finish it in the next few months. I love that hat you posted – is the pattern available on this site? Thanks for sharing your works in progress!

Karla Yungwirth

Oh, I totally love crochet. I must admit some of it is due to the ‘instant gratification’! I’m expecting end of December and have been busy crocheting baby booties, hat, mittens and am now working on a blanket/toy for her. I love that I can do it while watching TV or take it anywhere with me. There are so many awesome patterns too! Good luck with your projects 🙂


Crocheting IS my addiction. Luckily I can semi-control how much yarn I buy and my stash isn’t to big. As for projects…I can never only have 1 going at a time! I usually have 3 🙂 silly me.


That Crocodile Stitch pattern intrigues me. I find that with crochet, much of it isn’t hard at all. The problem for me lies in reading the patterns. I’m rarely comfortable with extreme abbreviations or the relatively new crochet charts. They both feel awfully foreign for something that I love to do and am very comfortable with. I’ve usually resorted to staring at a photo and trying to figure out a stitch by myself, with yarn and hook in hand.

I’m glad that so far I haven’t received any emails from anyone having trouble with the crochet pattern I wrote. I tried really hard to make it clear.

Hand Made Knitwear

Stephanie, be sure to send me a pic of your Crocheted Chunky Mobius! You’ll make tons of them for easy gift giving this holiday!



You know, crocheters aren’t any different than knitters. We have just as many wips as you do. We’re all the same genus, just a different species!


I recently finished a granny square afghan where each round of the square is a different color and I joined the squares in brown. I am making solid color grannies for another afghan and so far 25 squares are a different color and I am sure I have enough different colors to make 42 squares, I will also join this one in brown. I need to finish one I started last year for Christmas and didn’t know how to join with flat braid, now I know how to do the flat braid thanks to a UTube tutorial.

Wendy Geoghan

I have been crocheting for about two years now and am obsessed. I always have at least three projects going at once. Always have small projects to “take along” to doctors offices or anywhere I will have to wait. I would love to learn to knit but am having so much fun crocheting. Will get to it eventually!


Where can we find a pattern or class for that lovely lavender hat?


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