Sandwich Bread

Project Description

Share a little about the ingredients and techniques used to create this dish/item. Followed the instructions given by Peter to the tee, the only change i made was to add water in place of milk to make these Sandwich Bread. It turned out amazing. What are you most proud of? I have been making bread for sometime now (a year maybe), but this was a perfect recipe. Peter, has shared his experience with us and this made it more easier to understand all the concepts of bread making. I am 80% proud the way it turned out, need some more practice. I am proud that i will be teaching my daughter the right way to do this.....she is only 4 though :). Thank You Peter. What advice would you give someone starting this project? do it when you have lot of time on hand, its a long process but the fruit of all that wait is worth it.

Q&A with ja66123

oceantaz asked:
Yummy! looks amazing!
ja66123 answered:
thank you ocentaz!!!
Cara Michelle asked:
ooh! Good job!
ja66123 answered:
Aneicey asked:
That looks good. I'm sure it tasted great. :)
ja66123 answered:
oh you bet, the best so far and the aroma of the bread when it was being baked was to die for :)
e_ramosmd2490770 asked:
Absolutely perfectly caramelization of the crust. Great job
ja66123 answered: