Rustic Bread - Focaccia

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That it is edible, for me. For my wife, she really liked it and ate half of it this morning. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't use too much olive oil initially, I think I used too much. I also put too much dough in the pan, making too thick of a focaccia that took longer to cook. I don't have a scale, so that's unfortunate. Reinhart used a scale and could size it out just right. So I'm going to order one. It would be nice to have a better estimate though. Furthermore, I think I put too much water in the steam bath which probably made the top of the crust too thick and chewy. I'd rather put less and rely more on the spray bottle.

Q&A with Paul K

mindynola asked:
Wow, that looks amazing!
Paul K answered:
Thanks! Sorry I didn't rotate the photo. I never thought much of focaccia, but after making it Reinhart-style, it's one of my go-to breakfast items. The herb oil, btw, makes a huge difference in taste.

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