Queen of Sheba Torte

Project Description

Please describe the type of cuisine. Contemporary Desserts Share a little about the ingredients and techniques used to create this dish/item. The recipe is elaborate, with lots of steps. Ingredients are straightforward, found in good supermarkets and delis. The video lessons help a lot to get the melting of the chocolate and pouring the glaze just right. The result is a rich but very light torte, full of chocolate flavour. What are you most proud of? The shiny glaze! The glaze is so shiny and the marbling came up much better than I thought for my first attempt. Thank you Alice for sharing this recipe with the world! I also "translated" the recipe to metric units. No problem whatsoever. Came up beautifully! What advice would you give someone starting this project? I thought the amount of glaze was a bit too much and did not poured all in. I should have done so. The excess glaze going down the sides of the cake help make the sides look more finished. Next time I will try using store bought almond meal. Making my own was not an easy process. Even using all dry utensils, I still got a bit of "butter" in the bottom of the food processor.

Q&A with Adriana_

makeitbaker asked:
Excellent gloss and shine! It looks great!
Adriana_ answered:
Thanks! You got me inspired to try the chocolate birthday cake now. Yours looks very impressive.
RMCMEEN asked:
Looks great!
Adriana_ answered:
Thanks. Your marbling looks very good, especially the white chocolate bits. I'll try to be more generous with the marbling next time. It will be trial and error until we get the amount just right. Alice makes it look easy - she is very quick.