Pizza - First Attempt!

Project Description

Share a little about the ingredients and techniques used to create this dish/item. My daughter is very health conscious and requested whole wheat pizza crust. I used Peter's formula for flour by weight and basically split the flour allotment in half - half white whole wheat flour, half unbleached bread flour. Hot Italian sausage on one, pepperoni, orange pepper and black olives in honor of Halloween, and specially requested pineapple and canadian bacon on the third. What are you most proud of? The crust was amazing in spite of my experimentation with white whole wheat flour! What advice would you give someone starting this project? DO IT!!!! So much fun to pull out of this world pizza out of your own oven!

Q&A with RGAY

Martha Nezgoda asked:
RGAY answered:
Thank you, Martha! It was SO much fun to serve pizza from my own kitchen that tasted so delicious!
HeirloomImprint asked:
Hey , RGAY! Wow! That looks FANTASTIC!
RGAY answered:
Thanks, Heirloom! I need to work on forming the rounds the crust was a bit too thick around the outside - maybe I need to spread the sauce and goodies a little wider next time. But oh my, the flavor was stupendous! Peter is an amazing teacher, and you give exceptional advice as well!