Perfect Pizza from the Heart

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? We shaped this pizzas in a heart shaped pan, otherwise would be very difficult to give it this form. We bake them on the pan ( pan should be greased) for about 7 minutes and then we removed it from the pan and finished it on the pizza stone. Pizza stone takes a while to get hot so don't wait till the last moment to preheat it. I hope you enjoyed it like we did !

Q&A with BoluZelaya

LAB331 asked:
Kudos! Your pizzas are too cute! I never would have thought of this, but what a display of love.
BoluZelaya answered:
Thank you ! It was so much fun to make them
Hadeel Issa Al Masri asked:
how did u make the heart ?
BoluZelaya answered:
I shaped them in a heart shaped cake pan. I rolled it out first and then I placed into the pan and shaped around it. Hope that helps!

Skill Level