Olive Garden Style Bread Sticks

Project Description

Share a little about the ingredients and techniques used to create this dish/item. This is a copy cat recipe for Olive Garden Bread Sticks. Although they aren't perfectly shaped like the one's at the restaurant, you can bypass that when you take a bite into them. They are light, slightly sweet with a hint of garlic, butter and salt on the outstide. BIG YUM! What are you most proud of? Before taking Peter's class I would never have attempted these bread sticks. I even deviated from the recipe a little and used the stretch and fold technique instead of using the mixer for 10 minutes!

Q&A with Pam Gram

Vicky O. asked:
Look and sound delicious.
Pam Gram answered:
That was my first attempt. Now when I make them, I make them round like what Peter demonstrates in the technique for making buns and dinner rolls. They are more consistent in shape and look prettier.