My First Pita Bread with Stuffing

Project Description

Please describe the type of cuisine. Moroccan with a Japanese twist Share a little about the ingredients and techniques used to create this dish/item. ●Bread: The dough went through a proofing stage twice and was baked in an ungreased frying pan. Then, it was cut into two and stuffed. ●Stuffing for the big plate:①kinpira gobou or cooked and seasoned burdock roots, carrots, shiitake mushrooms with black seaseme seeds*, ②sauteed onions, grated carrots with green peppers, and ③sauteed onions wrapped in melting cheese, ④chicken marinated in salt and fermented rice mixture and grilled*, sauteed onions, and slices of green peppers sauteed in olive oil ●Stuffing for the small plate: ①canned tuna with chopped onions with mayonnaise, ②natto or fermented soy beans mixed with soy sauce and yellow mustard with nori sea weed ribbons* *Japanese dishes(? parts shown) What are you most proud of? The pita bread swelled ON THEIR OWN and created pockets for stuffing as I baked them. What advice would you give someone starting this project? You might want to flip the pita bread before its side is too burned.

Q&A with Marquis

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