Croissant Braid

Project Description

Please describe the type of cuisine. Bread Share a little about the ingredients and techniques used to create this dish/item. This is actually from all the scraps I end up with as I make the actual croissants. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Roll the scraps togeather into several long thin snakes and then carefully braid togeather. I will say, the braid doesn't hold up well after baking as one piece, but it does make some wonderful nibbles.

Q&A with MistPanther

ljf2540310436780 asked:
That looks wonderful!
MistPanther answered:
Thank you. :-)
SiValEngr asked:
This looks wonderful! Can you describe how to do a 4 strand braid like that? This looks like something spectacular for a holiday meal.
MistPanther answered:
This works with any number of strands. Take the strands and lay them out parallel to eachother. Take one of the edge strands and carefully lay it over the strand next to it, then under the strand next to that strand, then over the next, so on until you you reach the other edge. Shift your strands untill all are laying next to eachother again. Go back up to the edge you started with and do the same thing to the strand that is now there as you did to the first strand. You may want to practice with some string first. I hope this explaination helps. Oh, I ended up starting my braid somewhere in the middle and braiding out to the ends. That may help if you are dealing with long strands. Also, if your up to it, once your braid is complete you could then move the ends togeather, forming a circle with the braid, and push, pull, and squish the dough until it looks like a braided circle of croissant with no beginning or end.