Chocolate Fan Failure

Project Description

Share a little about the ingredients and techniques used to create this dish/item. Chocolate What are you most proud of? Occasionally I almost had a good fan. I think it will still look good on the cake even if it's a little broken What advice would you give someone starting this project? Practice, practice, practice! The right tools are essential!

What you will need

  • Chocolate

Q&A with BakingBabe

K Lee 2Strings asked:
I don't see the failure. It looks downright scrumptious to me. That's all that counts in a decadent chocolate birthday cake.
BakingBabe answered:
Thanks - I appreciate it. It was tasty!
ribana cristescu asked:
i'm sure it was ! this cake taste great ! and looks good to me ;and not to worry about not getting perfect fans ! nobody does without practice !
BakingBabe answered:
Thanks - I will keep practicing! I'll be making a smaller version for a friend soon.
Tuffstuff asked:
Where is the failure? looks gorgeous to me
BakingBabe answered:
It was harder to make the fans than I thought, so I was not happy. But it still looks kinda cool. Thanks!
Pam Sews asked:
you know how unraveled fabric is very popular now? Well, I LIKE your "broken" fans - very trendy and I cannot believe it lasted long enough to be photographed... looks YUMMY, and gorgeous. You've invented something!
BakingBabe answered:
It was for a friend's bday, so I took a quick pic before delivering it. But everyone said the same thing, they liked the "broken" fans too. And it is a delicious cake no matter what it looks like!

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