Brioche a Tete, Brioche au Sucre, Sticky Buns

Project Description

Share a little about the ingredients and techniques used to create this dish/item. I made the brioche dough the night before and allowed it to proof overnight in the fridge. What are you most proud of? I've had my brioche tins for over three years, and I've finally used them. Brioche isn't intimidating anymore, nor are the "Tete's"! What advice would you give someone starting this project? To practice shaping, I split the dough and made two different shapes. Also, having a plan and wrapping the proofing times around your day and work, will help you feel less intimidated to begin. I love that I can have - and share - fresh European style baked treats around my busy schedule.

Q&A with Cara Michelle

Joanne Chang asked:
Miss Cara- these are glorious! When I saw them I exclaimed out loud "WOW!". I'm really happy with how well these turned out for you. Congrats! Joanne
Cara Michelle answered:
Thank you for such a neat and creative class. I feel more civilized after learning to work with a classic dough.