Artisan Bread (attempt # 2)

Project Description

Share a little about the ingredients and techniques used to create this dish/item. Flour (unbleached wheat and some rye), water, salt, and yeast. I used the pate fermente method.

What you will need

  • Flour (unbleached wheat and some rye)
  • water
  • salt
  • and yeast. I used the pate fermente method.

Q&A with Sartorialist

quilting tiger asked:
.Wow.. very nice.... I bake once a week myself and my wife refuse to buy bread bought from the supermarket. I have never heard of the"pate fermente method" what is that. What I have learned is that bakery goods varies in texture if you add or remove fat like butter or oil, raisingtime and baking temperature/time. Baking is a peacefull chep therapy :-)
Sartorialist answered:
Thanks! I appreciate your feedback. I too have made bread at least once a week for the past seven or eight years. The artisan bread class has really been an eye opener though. While my bread has always tasted great... most of the time, I am now learning some very different techniques to be able to control the crust and crumb variables, as well as shaping. That's fun. I've learned a few pre-ferment techniques from the course. Pte fermente is simply one pre-ferment approach to change the texture and quality of a dough. I agree with you. Baking is great therapy! I am definitely a "stress baker." Hence, I bake a lot.
LadyJhia asked:
You did a great job!! I bet the bread tasted great too!
Sartorialist answered:
It certainly did. Thanks LadyJhia!
Janice asked:
oh my goodness! congratulations!
Sartorialist answered:
Thanks Janice! It's been such an interesting course. I bought all of the instructor's books that I could find as well. So much fun!
hansity asked:
Sartorialist answered:
Oh, definitely. I am addicted for sure. I make a couple loaves every other day.
conradconrad asked:
Dang! That looks perfect!
Sartorialist answered:
Thanks lithiumconrad. I'm excited to see what you post!

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