Artisan Bread (attempt #1)

Project Description

Share a little about the ingredients and techniques used to create this dish/item. Flour, water, salt, and yeast What are you most proud of? They look good, smell good, and taste good... now I have to try to get the crumb right (the instructor says the holes need to be large and irregular, but mine aren't there yet). What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have fun and enjoy no matter what they end up looking like

What you will need

  • Flour
  • water
  • salt
  • and yeast

Q&A with Sartorialist

hansity asked:
Looks good!
Sartorialist answered:
Thanks! It really did taste good. I'm not sure how to get those big giant bubbles in the bread though... But, I'll keep working on it. I think the instructor suggested not moving the dough too much, avoiding removing the air pockets.
Janice asked:
Wow. I like the cuts in your baguettes. Amazing job.
Sartorialist answered:
Thanks! I haven't received my French 'lame" yet for Christmas, so I just used a razor blade. That seemed to do the job. But, I am a sucker for kitchen tools.
BWTurner asked:
Great job of scoring with resulting nice bloom. I'm still working on that part!
Sartorialist answered:
I loved the YouTube links you posted about scoring... when my "lame" arrives I will give it another go. The shaping videos from the same site are really interesting too. I need to work on my crumb. I don't get those giant open holes like they show in the videos... yet!

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