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Decorative Pie Crust: You Must Increase Your Crust!

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Decorative Pie CrustTruthfully, pie doesn’t have a reputation as the prettiest of desserts. Sure, it has a charming, homespun quality, but it doesn’t approach the polished sophistication of, say, a beautifully decorated cake. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as proven by this collection of pies which are prettied-up with decorative pie crust. These pies go above and beyond the typical crimped crust, employing beautiful latticework, clever cutouts, and even stenciled designs for a polished and professional looking finished product. Read more »

How to Make Ice Brewed Coffee

By Ashley Rodriguez
Ice Brewed CoffeeWe’ve already talked about the intricacies of the right procedure for crafting the perfect cup of pour over coffee. We spoke of freshly roasted beans, the perfect grind and water temperature. Perhaps I even scared some of you away with all the scales, talk of grams and timers. For those of you who are still with me I’m back with more coffee talk. This time we’re brewing the perfect cup of iced coffee. Read more »

Roasted Fruit Jam

By Ashley Rodriguez
Fruit JamWhatever you love about, say an apricot for example, is punctuated when that apricot spends an hour or so slowly roasting in an oven. In fact it’s with apricots or even rhubarb that roasting is most magical. I find apricots eaten fresh to be a bit bland, one-note and just sort of blah. And rhubarb, well I don’t even attempt to gnaw on raw rhubarb but after time spent in an oven they become utterly transformed into a completely new taste - one of my favorite tastes, in fact. Read more »

How to Brew Pour Over Coffee

By Ashley Rodriguez
Brew Pour Over CoffeeCurrently my coffee method of choice is a single cup pour-over. It’s an inexpensive way to brew a perfect single cup of coffee and launch you into the world of coffee nerdom. While I’ve now reached the point of being able to brew a decent cup without the use of a scale or measuring device regardless of my husband’s nudging for me to weigh, I thought it would be fun talk about the basic recipe for this method. Read more »

Food Lover Friday: How to Make Caramel

By Ashley Rodriguez
CaramelCaramel scares people and I don’t really blame them: it’s incredibly hot, sensitive to crystallization and very hard to clean the equipment used in the process. But the reality is, caramel, with its bitter and sweet flavors and ability to make a simple bowl of vanilla ice cream magical, is completely worth the fear and dirty pots. After several successful batches of homemade caramel the fear fades and you learn that the pans that immediately get soaked are quite easy to clean. Read more »

How to Make a Hard Boiled Egg

By Ashley Rodriguez
How to Hard Boil an EggGetting a perfectly cooked hard boiled egg is as simple as boiling water and setting a timer. Just follow these steps-by-step instructions for a perfectly set yolk. What recipes do you use hard boiled eggs for? Read more »

How to Make Oreo Cake Pops

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Oreo Cake PopsOreos are a fantastic snack. Cake pops are a super-fun treat. In short, both are already awesome. But together, they’re even better! Combining the classic cookies and cream flavor in bite-sized cake pop type treats makes for a fun and tasty crafty confection project. Read more »

Happy National Donut and Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

By Lesley
National Donut DaySo, after the winter holidays, birthdays and Mother’s and Father’s Day, what’s the best day of all? Could it be June 7th? The day when we enjoy both National Donut Day and National Chocolate Ice Cream Day? To celebrate this tastiest of double dates, here’s a large scoop of the best donut and ice cream cakes around. Read more »

Food Lover Friday: Delectable Drinks from Simple Syrups

By Ashley Rodriguez
Simple SyrupsAt its most basic form a simple syrup is water and sugar that has been cooked together until the sugar dissolves. The standard ratio is 1 part sugar to 1 part water. For a richer and more syrupy simple syrup use 2 parts sugar to 1 part water. This syrup adds a rich texture to cocktails and allows you to use half the amount of simple syrup for the same amount of sweetness so you aren’t diluting the cocktail. Learn all about variations on simple syrups here! Read more »