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Sweet Sunday: Crazy for Cronuts

By Craftsy
Homemade CronutThe Cronut craze, started by New York chef Dominique Ansel, is sweeping the country. These trendy -- and delicious -- treats are a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. Learn how to make them at home with this tutorial by Craftsy instructor and pastry chef Colette Christian. Read more »

Savory Saturday: 2 Recipes for Making Croutons at Home

By Jessie Oleson Moore
CroutonsCroutons: they're a little but powerful garnish, with the ability to make salads sing, upgrade soup from snack to hearty meal, or add a welcome crunch to casseroles. They're also a fantastic way to use up stale bread, which gives them a similarity in function if not form to such dishes as French toast or bread pudding. But best of all, they're extremely easy to make, and they keep beautifully, so you could bake up a half loaf or more bread and have croutons for weeks to come. Here, enjoy a primer on croutons, including two ways to make them and some ideas so you can explore the virtually limitless flavor variations. Read more »

Food Lover Friday: It’s Not Delivery, It’s DIY — Homemade Pizza

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Homemade PizzaMost people consider pizza a takeaway food--to many, the idea of making pizza at home is intimidating. But it ought not be. To make you more comfortable with the art of the pizza, here's a primer that breaks down the three elements of pizza: crust, sauce, and topping. It addresses considerations for making pizza at home, and and includes a recipe for a classic and very simple version inspired by Craftsy instructor Peter Reinhart! Read more »

Sweet Sunday: 20 Creative Doughnut Flavors

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Creative DoughnutsDoughnut happy! It’s certainly easy to keep smile on your face when you’ve got a doughnut in your hand. But what type of doughnut do you favor? In recent years, all sorts of creative interpretations of the doughnut have appeared in recipes in books, blogs, and in retail stores. Ranging from the use of unusual flavors such as bacon or even spam in doughnuts to interesting uses for the holey treats such as using them for French toast or even ice cream sandwiches, it seems that doughnuts are the medium of choice for creative chefs. Read more »

Savory Saturday: How to Cook Crab

By Ashley Rodriguez
Cooked Crab with Red Chile ButterFresh crab has a clean taste that gets much of its charm from the melted butter that's often served with it. They are simple to cook, fun to crack into, and in season right now. This rustic, simple recipe for cooked crab with red chile butter is one of the best meals I've had in a long time. Read more »
How to make doughnuts at home: A free step-by-step tutorial

How to Make Doughnuts at Home

By Jessie Oleson Moore

Homemade doughnuts are fun to make and extremely fun to decorate! Let's start frying — this recipe is certainly worth treating yourself to.Read more »

Not Just Pie in the Sky: How to Make a Basic Pie Crust

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Homemade Pie Crust For some reason, people fear pie crust. Maybe that's because of all of the rules in the recipes. But really, rules aside, pie crust is a fairly simple thing to make. True, to hone it to an art may take time and require some trial and error, but really, doesn't just about anything worthwhile? Read more »

Bananarama: Banana Recipes for National Banana Lover’s Day

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Banana Coconut Cream PieThere's a lot to love about bananas. They're good for you, and they taste good. They famously make for a fantastic flavor profile on sweets of all sorts, including cakes, pies, puddings, breads, and candies. But they can also contribute tastily to savory dishes, too--from salads to even pizza. Here's a collection of twelve banana recipes, including sweets, savories, and some that are a little bit of both. Go bananas! Read more »